KAHC 100th Anniversary Info

Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors, Inc.

Celebrates 100 Years


This month 100 years ago the Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors, Inc.  (KAHC) held their first official meeting.  The meeting was held at the Senning’s European Hotel located at the southwest corner of Second and Jefferson Streets in Louisville, Kentucky.   

KAHC is excited to be celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2021.  The association and the members that make up this association have many fine stories about the men and women who have made their living constructing Kentucky’s fine transportation system over the last 100 years.  Throughout the year we will be sharing with our members pictures, news articles, documents, and other items of potential interest from the association’s archives.  We know that we will be unable to properly cover all the important people that have contributed to this industry and this association, but we do hope you will find the information shared interesting, nostalgic, or at least fun to review.  We will continue to add new content throughout the year so we encourage members to check back often.  

For those of you who may want to actively be a part of this effort, you can do so by sending any historic materials you may want to share to admin@kahc.org. Your submission may or may not be shared through our weekly messages to members, but it will definitely be included in the archives where other members can view it.    

We close by thanking you for your membership in KAHC.  Whether you have been a member of KAHC for one year or 100 years, your support and involvement is the only reason KAHC has been a success for 100 years and here is hoping that KAHC and your companies are around for 100 more years.  



Alan Bernard                                                           M. Chad LaRue

2020 Chairperson                                                   Executive Director

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