Strategic Plan


A safe, efficient transportation system that provides economic opportunity and a high quality of life for every Kentuckian.


Create a culture whereby our members can grow and develop their business through advocacy, relationships, and learning.



Create, nurture, and grow partnerships that improve transportation in KY.

Members will represent the best in the industry.
Convene stakeholders to create meaningful professional relationships.
Provide education and information to government decision-makers so that they are better prepared to make decisions that positively impact the industry.


The strategies and tactics supporting these Area of Focus will manifest within each of the KAHC programs, activities and benefits you currently receive as a member and will help us advance our vision.  In addition, the strategic and operational planning process also identified several new program initiatives that could deliver an even bigger impact for the industry.  



All policies and activities of KAHC are consistent with applicable federal, state and local antitrust, trade regulation or other legal requirements and applicable tax exemption requirements.